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Application area


To grout bearings, machine foundations,
columns joints in precast construction etc.

  • To grout anchors in concrete

  • To grout cavities, gaps and voids in concrete

  • Easy to use (ready to mix powder)

  • Easy to mix, only add water

  • Adjustable consistency

  • Very good flow characteristic

  • Rapid strength development

  • High final strengthsRapid strength development

  • 30 kg bags

Sika® MonoTop


Application area


Repair of spalling and damaged concrete in buildings, bridges, infrastructure and superstructure works

Easy to use (only to be mixed with water)

  • Structural and cosmetic repairs

  • Can be applied up to 40 mm thick in vertical layers

  • Good adhesion

30 kg bag


Sika offers refurbishment solutions

Sika offers refurbishment solutions to extend the lifetime of existing buildings and infrastructures by reducing the refurbishment frequency and material flows. In doing so, Sika Solutions contribute to sustainability and environmental impacts and cost savings. In a time where resource scarcity and life cycle costs have become a driving factor for decision making in the construction industry, Sika Solutions aim to excel in the main sustainability drivers in refurbishment: Materials Time Economic costs Environmental impacts (carbon footprint, energy inputs, VOC emissions)