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Sealing and Bonding

Sealing and Bonding

Sealing And Bonding: Bonds that last long term.

Sikaflex Construction+

Elastic Joint Sealant For Joints In Building Construction.


Characteristics & Advantages


Sikaflex Construction is designed for movement and connection joints in construction:

  • Precast joints Expansion,

  • Constructions

  • Isolation and control joints

  • Connection joints (around windows and doors, facades, metal cladding, concrete elements)

  • Joints in wood and metal structures

  • Very good weathering and aging resistance

  • Movement capability ±35% Good adhesion to many substances

  • Bubble-free curing

  • Concise cut-off string

  • Easy to smooth and very good work-ability

  • High Tear strength

  • 600ml sausage pack, 20 sausages per box

  • 300ml cartridge pack, 12 cartridges per

Sikaflex PRO 3

1 part high-performance sealant for flooring


Characteristics & Advantages


Multipurpose floor joint sealant for

  • Movement and connection joints in floors

  • Indoor and outdoor applications for pedestrian and traffic areas (e.g.parking decks, car parks)

  •  Floors in warehouses and production areas

  • On surfaces such as in the food industry

  • Joints and wastewater and sewage treatment plants

  • Very good adhesion to most construction materials.

  • Movement capability 25% / 35% (for SL)

  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
    UV stable

  • Very good application properties

  • 600ml sausage pack, 20 sausages per box

  • 310ml cartridge pack, 12 cartridges per box

Sikaflex -11 FC+

1 Component polyurethane joint sealant and adhesive


Characteristics & Advantages


For permanent elastomeric sealing and adhesion application in building construction joint sealant:

  • Sealing between ceramic tiles, natural stones. Flexible connection joints between concrete floors and machinery. Waterproof joints in portable waters reservoirs

  • Powerful adhesive Bonding of lightweight building components e.g. tiles, timber, fiber glass etc to the structure Bonding components together with different thermal coefficients
    Securing sanitary fittings to concrete or tiles floors or walls

  • Gasket seal Unions, sleeves and flanges between cast iron or steel pipes Flange joints between ventilating ducks and termination joints Building up uneven or irregular surfaces where sealing between components is required

The multipurpose solution

  • Fast curing

  • Movement capability ±10%

  • High modulus

  • Will not stain natural stones such as marble or granite

  • Seals and bonds in one step

  •  Exterior and interior application

  • 600ml sausage pack, 20 sausages per box

  • 310ml cartridge pack, 12 cartridges per box

Sika MultiSeal Tape

Self-adhesive, bituminous sealing tape, one side laminated with foil


Characteristics & Advantages


Sealing and repairing against water ingress in

Roofs / Terraces:

  • Around chimneys and skylights, joints in the parapet.

  • Over joints or cracks in tiles and roof cladding.

  • At joints between the terrace and exterior walls

Exterior walls:

  • Joints and cracks in asbestos cement sheeting

  • Around wall penetrations (such as water pipes).

  • Gutters and down pipes.

  • Very economical and easy to apply

  • UV-resistance

  • Good adhesion to many substrates

  • Weather proof

  • Self-adhesive

  • Can be painted over

  • Bitumen resistance

  • Can be applied at low temperatures

  • 10cms x 10m long rolls.

  •  3 rolls per box

Sealing And Bonding

Sika offers sealing and bonding solutions for building envelopes

Floors and civil engineering constructions as well as interior finishing. Joint sealing provides waterproof constructions with improved thermal insulation and enhances the visual appearance of buildings. Elastic bonding enables to bond various similar and dissimilar substrates together and create unlimited possibilities for modern constructions. With Sika’s extensive product range, the right solution can be provided for almost any bonding and sealing requirement.